When you think, you get ideas which can be expressed in words. So keep thinking always!


Observation gives you strong opinions and it gives confidence to express it in strong words


Writing is easier than speaking but if you can write well then you can talk well  too. 


If you can speak well then you can express your thoughts, observations so well

Enjoy the learning with 
combined together is a great platform to help those people who learned the English language in their school/college, speaking courses, etc., and want to talk fluently but they actually don’t have anyone to talk to. We think that all of you can talk well in English because it’s just a language, not rocket science.

How It Works?

We have created few very basic but effective activities which will help our co-learners to enhance their speaking skills and gain confidence while talking to someone!

Basic Activities

Basic activities will include open talks on various topics and which will help users open up and start to communicate

Discuss Challenges

Learning a new thing is always a challenging job in the beginning. We will talk about those challenges and overcome them 

Situation Talks

Good communication is when you can talk to people in any situation and that will be our motto to create situations.

Group Discussions

Group discussions are always good to improve speaking skills when you have already done the first 3 steps.    

The secret of success

There is a popular saying that “Practice makes a man perfect”. This saying becomes true here. Therefore the more practice you do the more confidence you gain.

Join One To One Session

One to one sessions are organized with just the organizer and are subject to availability.

Join in Group Session

Groups session usually have 5 participants maximum so each one can get to talk.

Join Weekend Session

Weekend sessions are for working people who can’t devote sufficient time during their working hours.

Learn from a Trainer 

Our trainers will help you understand the basic English speaking and will clear all the doubts you have.

Join us! It will only take a minute

Latest news from our blog

Our blogs are more focused on the ways of improving the English speaking skills. This helps our co-learners to stay motivated and focused. 

What are the common mistakes beginners usually do? We should always know that perfection takes some time and a lot of effort. Although all the beginners want to speak fluently at the first time and make so many mistakes in pronunciation, sentence construction, choosing the wrong […]
Do you think communicating with someone is an art? In our opinion yes it is. Effective communication in any language is really an art. Which needs knowledge of the language,  Confidence to express yourself,  Listen to others,  Making eye contact,  Knowing the interest of the listener, […]
Why many people hesitate while talking in English even when they know it well? People don’t hesitate to talk in the English language but they hesitate in expressing themselves. This is not only while talking in English but this happens in other tasks. For example, if […]

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Who can join us?

You Can Talk is not offering any courses but we offer a platform where people from various professions, various education backgrounds, and even housewives who hesitate while talking in English. 

You Need To Know The Following Before You Join Us!

Basic Knowledge of English Language

Basics of Sentence Construction

How to Use A Smartphone

How To Be Self Motivated

Let’s Learn From Each Other!

Talking to mirror or talking to yourself is not a way to express yourself. 

So let’s talk to real people and express yourself the way you want in the real world

Let’s Share It