A Few Reasons why every woman should learn the English language

Women are an essential pillar of society who engage equally in nearly all social activities, despite having a monopoly in many of them.

Women working in the corporate world, in education, in the beauty business, and as parents must interact with the outside world in a variety of ways. When a woman goes for a job interview, she has to know a lot about the job she’s applying for, and she also needs to be good at communicating in order to get the position. Another example is when a woman as a parent is required to attend a parent-teacher conference at her child’s school. If she is not a strong communicator, she will be unable to express her comments to the instructors and will be unable to comprehend the teachers.

Have you ever considered that we learn the English language in school for almost 5-7 years, yet when it comes to Hindi medium school education, and in some cases, English medium education as well, the majority of kids are unable to speak effectively when they complete their education? The explanation is simple: most Hindi medium schools teach you more how to write in English and less how to speak in English, which is why they can’t speak effectively even after learning for 5-7 years.

The majority of management roles, such as HR, Recruitment, Teaching, Banking, and many others, are held by women, and these larger positions necessitate highly influential communication, particularly in English. Regional languages are equally essential, but in our day, we are communicating with the entire country or the entire world, and speaking English is rather useful.

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