Don’t know how to say it? A guide for beginners

Many of us have probably been in a position when we know what to say but don’t know how to say it. This is a relatively prevalent difficulty among beginners and, on sometimes, intermediates. This usually happens when we are thinking in our native tongue and attempting to convert into English precisely as we pronounce it.

So, the first step is to begin thinking in English so that you can recall any of them at any moment. Typically, learners can say everything they have previously learnt or spoken, but when it comes to a broad discussion, they begin to lose the dialogue. This is due to our cognitive limits. We only consider how we will speak in front of our employers, in a classroom, at a meeting, or on a phone call, but we do not consider how we will speak in a restaurant with our friends or family members. Because we are timid or afraid to speak in general.

Now, when I suggest that we should begin discussion in English with friends and family, I don’t mean that we should limit the dialogue, but rather that we should make it comfortable and natural. So the first step here would be to start with short phrases that are informal. Don’t begin with “good morning, dear friends.”

Here’s an example of a casual discussion between friends in a restaurant.

Me: “Hey buddy, what’s up man? Its been so long we have met no? “

Friend: “Hey bro, i am pretty good, what’s up with you? We just met last month. Looks like you don’t even remember it.” 

Me: “oh yes, i can recall it now. We had a dinner. But that restaurant wasn’t that good. The service was pretty slow. What about this one?”

Friend: “well i have come here first time let’s see. Do you want to order something in snacks quickly?”

Me: “ yeah let’s order a platter and then we will decide for main course and don’t forget to order my favorite drink, you know that right?”

This was a five-minute chat between myself and my buddies. Do you believe this will be a simple task? Does anyone here want to give it a shot? 

This discussion was an example to give you a basic concept of how to start a casual conversation because such conversations are highly spontaneous and not prepared like a business meeting or office presentation. This type of communication allows you to think more rapidly.

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