How to Start? Isn't it an important question?

We had to do lot of research and meet people to know their opinion

We found many people around us who joined speaking courses to become confident in English communication but learning the basic or advanced knowledge of the English language will not make you a good communicator.

There are many people we see around us who have mastered English from good universities but can't communicate with someone in the English language. They might know what to talk about, how to talk about it but never tried to talk to someone about it.

Yes, people feel shy if they think to initiate a conversation in English with their friends or family.

In You Can Talk we invite people who really want to gain confidence by expressing themselves in front of real people. Our team organizes sessions with our co-learners so they can talk to each other and gain the confidence to talk in front of anyone.

The more you talk, the more confidence you gain.