Enjoy the best learning and activities combined together

Practical activities are the best to learn anything very quick.
Our team has designed few practicals which will let our co-learners feel the way they want in a real life as we believe that this is the goal of this platform.

Let’s do it as it’s expected in Real 

The activities available on Youcantalk.in are exclusively for our co-learners and are subject to copyright.

Basic Activites

Basic activities include basic talks like talk about your surroundings, your daily routine, professional routine, dreams, future plans, past memories and many more..

SITUATIONal Activities

This activity will include various real life situations that our co-learner must be facing everyday. For example School PTM for their kids, Give presentation to your senior and so on..

Group Activities

Group talks are the best to enhance the speaking skills. It will allow to reply someone based on their concern and you get a chance to explain your opinion as well. So it’s always a two way talk.

Overcome Challenges 

We will discuss the challenges of each co-learner and will discuss about how they overcome them. Everyone has challenges but not everyone put efforts to conquer them. Let’s help each other.