Why is correct  pronunciation important?

A word may change it’s meaning if not pronounced correctly. Let’s take an example of a couple of words:

COLLAGE vs COLLEGE both words have different meanings but COL- LAGE is pronounced as COLL- EGE then its meaning will change.

MASSAGE vs MESSAGE similarly if MAS – SAG E is pronounced as ME-SSAGE then its meaning will completely change and can mislead the conversation.

So Yes, a correct pronunciation of a word is really important. There are many ways to learn the correct pronunciation. For the beginners we suggest using google translator to know the correct pronunciation. Always remember Saying It Correctly is more important than Knowing It Correctly. 

Many of us struggle with this problem but the solution is to keep saying it. It’s been observed that people read the words on google and try to learn it. But most of them will forget the word when it’s time to say it. This happens because they don’t use that word frequently in their conversation. The best way of keeping the words in mind is to keep using them in your conversation.

Youcantalk.in is a platform where such words can be used in your daily activities. These activities are planned in such a way so you keep talking and whatever you talk will stay in your mind. These activities go on for a week and all the words you learn can be used everyday in your conversation. We also have written activities so you can keep writing your thoughts and repeat the words you learn in your written activities. 

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