Why many people hesitate while talking in English even when they know it well?

People don’t hesitate to talk in the English language but they hesitate in expressing themselves. This is not only while talking in English but this happens in other tasks. For example, if you learn to play the guitar but if never played in front of anyone and someone asks you to do then you will hesitate but by the time passing and you keep playing in front of others, you will confident. 

This happens while talking to someone in English first time. When you know you can talk but you hesitate because you never talked to someone in this language.

Many of you will ask whom to talk to? Well, a general answer will be talking to family, friends, relatives, or mirrors.  Do you think this will help? Will your family/friends/relatives talk to you?

Mostly will do it once or twice and then they will start avoiding you. Talking to Mirrors may not be helpful because it can not reply so it is not actual communication. 

Youcantalk.in is a platform where you can talk to real people on various discussion topics which will help you express yourself. When you talk to strangers and make them understand your point of view then that really becomes effective communication.

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