Do you think communicating with someone is an art?

In our opinion yes it is. Effective communication in any language is really an art. Which needs knowledge of the language, 

Confidence to express yourself, 

Listen to others, 

Making eye contact, 

Knowing the interest of the listener, etc. 

Many people miss one or more factors out of the above while talking to someone. For example, you might be good at the English language but the listener is not comfortable with it. So this will not be effective communication.

In another example, if you can’t express yourself well so the listener will not be able to understand your point of view or will misunderstand your words. 

We believe when you find things interesting it becomes easier for you to participate in the conversation. For example, if you don’t really understand Indian politics and your friends mostly talk about it so you would hardly have any opinion even if you can speak well on other topics of your interest.

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