What are the common mistakes beginners usually do?


We should always know that perfection takes some time and a lot of effort. Although all the beginners want to speak fluently at the first time and make so many mistakes in pronunciation, sentence construction, choosing the wrong vocabulary, or sometimes choosing more difficult words, and the biggest mistake is trying to speak fast. 


Everybody wants to learn things fast but we need to ensure that whatever we learn is correct and it should be reused in future as well. Trying to impress someone by choosing difficult or wrong words, trying to show that you can talk very fast or fluently are not the correct ways. We should always spend time on it and grab it in such a way so we can reuse it wherever we want to.


All these silly mistakes can be easily rectified by doing some simple activities. Youcantalk.in offers a great way of learning through some simple but effective activities. These activities will give you the confidence to talk with anyone in your office, in public, with friends, and so on.

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